Natalie Zeituny, Reality Model Designer, Cosmologist, Clairvoyant

Hello and welcome: I am is a reality cosmologist and clairvoyant dedicated to innovative applications of consciousness and reality models that facilitate personal, collective and planetary transformation. I am curios about:

  • what is reality
  • does reality have a structure
  • does reality follow a set of processes
  • what is the future of reality
  • could decoding reality transform our world
  • what is consciousness
  • how does one create a cosmology
  • how does one experience reality
  • how does one optimize human and planetary potential



Ensoulment II - The Future of Reality

  Ensoulment Model  


Planetary Consciousness: How can we becoming a planetary civilization?
Reality Forum: discover and integrate reality first principles
Reality Dialogues: brilliant souls talk about the nature of reality


Natalie Zeituny is a modern mystic, a medicine woman, soul whisperer and a consciousness entrepreneur. She blends rich embodied spiritual practices with 30 years of business experience which encompasses entrepreneurship, information systems engineering, eastern and western philosophies, integral evolutionary theories, energy medicine, shamanism, feminine wisdom, tantra, yoga, dance, meditation and mindfulness. As the founder of the Conscious Business Center, she is engaged in consciousness and reality research ventures around the world. Natalie offers ensoulment lectures, seminars, healing journeys and circles worldwide., +972.54.692.0240

Natalie is a pioneer and change-maker in the emerging field of Conscious Business™ In 2006 she founded the Conscious Business Center™ (CBC), a visionary agency that partners with businesses, developing with them the strategies, programs and systems to foster environmental quality and human welfare as they build sustainable profit. Natalie has over 30 years' experience in business strategy, process management and technology implementation. In 2002 she founded NZ Consulting, a management-consulting firm that has successfully advised corporations such as Apple, Yahoo, Palm, Seagate, Network Appliance, Brocade, Altera, UCSF and Safeway how to improve corporate goals and technology solutions. Natalie is the author of "Climbing the Ladder of Business Intelligence", which outlines how business can attain high performance through alignment of people, process, and technology. She is a graduate of Technion Engineering University and completed her MBA studies in Ben Gurion University in Israel. She currently resides in a little Mediterranean village just north of Tel Aviv.seaside village just north of Tel Aviv.