Ensoulment #25  

The same way the 12 essential grand-grandparents influence every aspect of all vessels in the soul of the world, so do the 12 archetypal influencers that were created as a result of the actual essences, souls, vessels and realities having experiences and forming grooves in the landscape of their becoming inside the soul of the world. These grooves, pathways and archetypes form rivers and topography for the next emerging soul, vessel and experience. These archetypal pathways are available for new vessels and make it easier for them to be carried by former vessel's intelligence pathway or to form a new ones. The 12 individual and collective archetypal influencers include (1) cosmology (2) reality (3) vessel (4) sensorium (5) twelve essences (6) now (7) five realms (8) landscape (9) sxp (10) emergence (11) life cycle (12) the soul of the world. Each one of these archetypes is influencing every new experience you are having (sxp), every moment, everywhere. we can of course create novel experiences, vessels and realities, though since there archetypes have been in place for long periods with large number of appearances, vessels and places, they are embedded in the reality structure of our dimension and direct most of our experiential unfolding.