Ensoulment #22  

Technology similar to money, power or resources can be used to serve the soul of the world or take away and destroy parts of the soul of the world. Because of the rapid evolution and integration of technology with human biological, psychological organic life, we are at a time in history that machine technology has expanded to become an essence influencing souls, vessels in many aspects of the soul of the world in our human earthly region. Technology could dominate humanity's collective vessel by consuming and overriding human's original biological capacities and soulful intelligence or co-create with humanity to serve all of life into infinity. At the current state of affairs, when technological capacity expands, human innate capacity is decreased and numbed to a degree that soon biological life could become extinct. There is another evolutionary possibility where humanity and technology work together to become a human-nature- technology super organism that serves the continued expansion of the soul of the world and all of life inside the soul of the world.