Ensoulment #18  

The soul of the world is the totality of all actualized essences, souls, vessels, sxps and realities. Actualized means that vessels took shape and form out of the primordial potentiality field, using their innate experiential intelligence in their movement toward their next true expression. Anything that differentiates is a vessel, vessels includes essences, souls, sxps and realities. Because all realities co-arise and co-exist, depending on the perspectival lens, we can notice different realities inside the soul of the world in different realm. Interaction and aggregation of large number of vessels creates a realm, the essential realm was the first to differentiate out of the primordial and to birth the soulful realm, which in turns created vessels, that had experiences and wove realities inside and around their vessel to then continuously expand the soul of the world. The soul of the world is the actualization of primordial potentialities. The soul of the world is an alive animate organism and with each such actualization and manifestation, the soul of the world expands realms of pleasure and satisfaction. Such pleasurable actualization dance and evolve in all realms, in all realities. Like in infinite games, the purpose is to continue playing inside the soul of the world.