Ensoulment #17  

The soul of the word is a sentient organism field that includes the totality of all ever differentiated actualized vessels and forms, in all times, places and realms. It can also be described as an ever changing universal source code (intelligent) actualized wave function fabric representing what does it feel like to exist, to experience the world at all scales since its beginning. Imagine how from the primordial potentiality field, the first wave came into being, it arose, evolved and dissolved into the sea of potentials. As more and more waves differentiate, the soul of the world becomes richer, more diverse and more creative in its expression. The differentiation of vessels, of experience carrying forms and their interaction is what expands the soul of the world. The soul of the world is the combination of all ever differentiated vessels. Depending on the perspective of the observing vessel, the soul of the world interacts with each vessel and generates inside it a forefront and background, conscious and unconscious experiences, all of which are stored in the information field of the vessel and the soul of the world.