Ensoulment #13  

Reality is the vessel's total lived experience field, as recorded through its sxp trails in all scales observed through a particular vessel's perspective. During a vessel lifetime, through its being and becoming, it is naturally emitting its present time experience in the form of sxps and these sxps leave trails that are imprinted with the quality and nature of their vessel's experience. The combination of all sxp trails create a field that "remembers" the present, past and possible futures. That field forms the vessel's reality at an individual, relational and collective level, all these realities are all embedded in the fabric of the vessel. Anytime we talk about reality, we are actually referring to a vessel having an experience, a vessel is always at the center of a reality as seen through its unique perspective. A perspective is formed inside a vessel and is registering what it is experiencing within the perspectival boundaries created. Each vessel's reality has a forefront and background, conscious and unconscious sxp trails realities, that either manifest or not in one's reality at all nested scales, because reality is made of vessel's sxp trails, some of the trails belongs to the vessel's past, present or future. This is the reason for the forefront, background, conscious and unconscious given perspective. A vessel's reality is the sum of all vessel's sxp pathways in all nested vessels, as observed through a particular perspective. All realities are interconnected, entrained and entangled. The stronger and more inhabited a personal, relational or collective reality is the more attractive, rich, diverse and influential it becomes.