Ensoulment #11  

Perspective involves the observing vessel's sensory boundaries which determine the sxps flow through that vessel's sensorium. A perspective determines the vessel's way to experience reality.

In order for vessels to manage the incoming stream of sensory stimulation that is flooding them in every moment, they create a perspective that makes their experiences and their realities more manageable and more digestible one moment at a time. When a vessel develops its perspective, its way to experience its reality, it narrows down its conscious and unconscious, forefront and background awareness to a limited segment of flow of sxp experiences. Perspective tunnels the vessel's boundaries to register only particular impressions of its environment and as such particular experience of its reality. For example, when vessel A is having an experience (emitting sxpA) observing vessel B emitting (sxpB), that very act of observation creates an observing vessel sensorium boundaries and the observing and observed vessel interact to form a perspective. Every vessel creates a perspective, based on its developmental sensorium, such perspective creates a spacial/temporal boundaries of experience for both the observing and observes vessel, such perspectives are created at all scales of the observing and observed vessel.

Your perspective is generated based on conscious and unconscious, forefront and background sensory organs and perceptual boundaries in a given time and place. Your sensory organs work together in an integrated way to give you an overall impression of their perceived stimulus or arising experience. The observing vessel perspective includes my observing sxps, observed vessel sxps and interactive of both vessels sxps. For example, when we meet a new person, we notice their gender, skin color, cultural heritage, tone of voice, visual appearance, stories or past perceptual perspectives we may already have about people like them, felt sense and emotional response to their presence, all these and other generate our overall sensory response in our sensorium to then create the perspective we have about that person. When I meet you for the first time, most of the perspective I generate about you is primarily my own personal conscious and unconscious, forefront and background experiences sxps with some new experiences are generated from you and from the interaction between us. We are always living in an ecological systems of systems that is continuously generating perspectives.