Ensoulment #10  

Sensorium is the vessel's total sensory structures and processes realm. Sensorium and sensory capacities are a fundamental quality that every vessel at any scale develops in order to process its inner and outer environments. Being, becoming and navigating one's reality organically creates sensory capacities to serve the vessel. When enough sensory vessels are created, inside a vessel and across different vessels, the sensors' repeated processes and structures activate a realm that hold such unique wisdom. The sensory realm holds the individual and collective intelligence and form of the vessel's sensory structure and processes. When essences, souls and vessels evolve, they develop sensory capacities that are transferable. For instance, seeing, hearing or sensing through skin sensitivity are all sensory capacities that are transferred within species and across species. The nature of intelligence is to breed, spread and disseminate in all possible ways. Sensory intelligence spreads out between vessels of the same species and across species. Sensorium is a realm that holds such collective intelligence in a protective container to allow the gradual higher sensory wisdom to arise. The sensorium chart describes a sample of sensory stimulation types and the sensory vessels created to process them. When a vessel identifies a stimulus, such recognition (conscious or unconscious) differentiates and distinguishes it inside the vessel, around it and in the sensorium to gradually develop sensory capacity to be able to process such stimuli, arrange and optimize such information. Sensory stimulation can be information, thoughts, ideas, desires, heat, pleasure, pain, pressure, light, feelings, sounds, smells or movement. A sensory stimuli is both the cause and the sensory organ result. Sight exist with light, light exist with sight and they both inform and evolve together in a reciprocal dynamics between stimulus and sensory capacities formation. Sensory organs are in continuous process of creation and optimization, as shown in the sensory life cycle diagram, from stimulus arising to vessel registering the stimulus, to vessel processing and creating pathways that eventually become sensory organs to then optimizing the same cycle through vessel's experience. Sensorium is a key aspect of the evolution for each vessels.