Ensoulment #09  

At any given moment we are interacting with our inner and outer environments at all scales at all levels. The chart represents a sample of relational dynamic between two particles of experience, sxps, similar dynamics exist in vessels, realities, cosmologies and other differentiated forms and fields. With enough sxps, vessels, souls, fields and realities interacting, how can we make sense of the nature of influence and nature of interplay and exchange that exists between two differentiated entities? Imagine trying to predict the exact amplitude, shape, size and direction of each wave in the ocean at all times, we may be able to come close to such prediction, yet, since there are a very large number of variables at play all interacting with each other at once, an exact prediction of the next wave is quite complicated. Similar emergent creative interactions exists between all elements as part of the soul of the world. In this particular chart, we are discussing sxps, not all sxps influence each other in the same fashion, direction or intensity. When two particles A and B come close to each other, they both emit and absorb each other's sxps (sxpA and sxpB) and a third particle that imprints the nature of their relating (sxpA-B) is created in the space between them. SxpA-B registers the qualia, containing the quality of the two particles' dynamic. Every particle broadcasts its vessel's experience (A), receives the proximate particle experience of vessel (B) and processes the overall environmental surrounding sxps. Two particles or more can have neutral, attractive, repulsive, collaborative, creative or interactive dynamics. At any given moment, we are surrounded with a variety of vessel's sxps, not all sxps are born equal and their influence on our vessel depends on many factors such as the distance, duration, size, directionality, charge, frequency, conscious, unconscious, forefront or background sxps and many more. Eventually each sxp registers its vessel's qualia along with the inner and outer surroundings sxps. Such relational interactions exists at all levels from atoms to cells to tissues to organs in our body to our human collective, our culture, race, galaxy and all the way out to the soul of the world.