Ensoulment #08  

Vessel Particle of Experience (Sxp) Qualia

This chart details the content of experience inside a vessel, which includes qualitative and quantitative information about subjective and objective happenings inside the vessel at a specific time and place. Even though particles of experience are seemingly discrete specks of experience, they are also continuous since the previous sxp “knows" about the existing sxp and the next sxp, so there is a continuous progression of the content of each sxp. Sxps “sense” the previous and the next conscious and unconscious, forefront and background vessel experiences as well as the surrounding vessels' in its vicinity, including the conscious and unconscious, forefront and background. A vessel also emanates particles of experience that spontaneously arise in unpredictable ways that are not dependent on the previous or future moment experience. This could be the influence of the soul of the world or unknown influencers that are not continuous to the vessel's previous experiences. For example, when you meet a person who is wearing an orange t-shirt and it may remind you of your high school sports team, you are retrieving background unconscious sxps that are laying dormant in your vessel and this encounter with the orange t-shirt is activating them and moving them to the forefront of your experiential qualia.