Ensoulment #06  

In the center of the diagram, there is a vessel holding multiple perspectives, creating multiple realities. Each vessel exists within an infinite number of nested vessels and contains infinite number of sub vessels inside it in different scales. Nested vessel structures repeat themselves all the way inside the vessel and all the way out to infinity around the vessel. A vessel is a stable arrangements of sxps due to repeated processes, activities and sxp stream in similar structure, direction and functionality. The center of every vessel exists in and is connected to the primordial realm through the zero point now state. When a vessel interacts with the soul of the world, it leaves behind it sxp trails and weaves sxp patterns depending on how, where and when such interaction occurred. As the soul of the world flows through the vessel, it is imprinting it with its local shape, energy and consciousness, such that every vessel is always represented as a part of the soul of the world. The soul of the world is always in the background and the vessel is co-arising out of it and returning to it.

Vessels weave the actuality of the soul of the world. Every vessel has a forefront and background, conscious and unconscious set of experiences and realities and with every passing moment. In other words, the vessel's realities and experiences are shifting from forefront unconscious through the now, to the forefront conscious to the background conscious, background unconscious and back to the primordial.