Ensoulment #04  

Every particle of experience holds rich and diverse sets of information about what is happening to its originating vessel now and now and now. Every infinitesimal moment, the vessel's experience changes as it interacts with the soul of the world and its inner and outer environments and circumstances, these exchanges are registered as the momentary sxp content. Sxp is a universal elementary particle, god particle, that includes the now experience of its vessel. Sxp has an exterior, an interior and a zero point center where it is connected to the soul of the world and the primordial realm. Sxp carries information about what its like for its vessels to be here and now, to exists, to experience its I am-ness. Since every vessel is a unique stable arrangement of essences, souls and experiences, every vessel has its own language, tone, color and sound form per se. The sxp interior is also called qualia and it is made of the vessel unique essence- soul- vessel form constitution and organization. Sxp shell is made of the same essences, souls and vessel composition with relatively defined stable margins. Sxp shell's purpose is to contain and create boundaries for each sxp. Vessel's sxps are flowing through and interacting with the soul of the world and the soul of the world is imprinting each sxp with its unique effervescence tone and taste of unique moment in specific region of the universe. Every vessel's interaction with the soul of the world generates the unique sxp content. Once sxp leaves its vessel, similar to how a drop of water leaves a fountain, it glides around the vessel field and then continues to imprints all 5 realms (experiential, vessel realm, soul realm, essential, primordial realm) to then merge back with the primordial. Such sxp movement through all the realms feeds and informs these realms and is being fed and informed back by these realms current evolutionary happenings. This is how each realm, the primordial, essential, soulful, vessel, and experiential are enriched and evolve with each vessel's momentary experience. This is how every breath you take influences the entire cosmic dance. Sxp is the messenger that delivers what is happening to its vessel and is influenced by twelve cosmic archetypal patterns that influence each sxp evolutionary trajectory. Each sxp is both influencing and is influenced by them.