Ensoulment #03  

Ensoulment perspective assumes that the whole world has a soul, the soul of the world. That soul of the world includes the totality of all vessels that arose in all times, spaces and dimensions. Anything that ever differentiated itself from the primordial field is considered a vessel, the vessels that emerged, came into existence, changed their forms and faded back to the background of their reality, nevertheless, even the most ancient vessels still exist in the soul of the world and can be sensed and retrieved with the right sensorium.

The soul of the world universal cosmic wave is continuously dancing, evolving, being and becoming in time and space ( time and space are two of the 12 primary and fundamental essences). Inside and as a part of the soul of the world, There appear four types of primary vessels: essences, souls, vessels forms and experiences, each vessel has a perspective, a lens through which it is sensing, seeing and experiencing itself, its environment and its reality, every vessel automatically and organically create its own reality and every vessel continuously emits particles of experience, sxps, that reflects what's its like for the vessel to be itself in its here and now. Every vessel's perspective has a forefront and background when seen from the vessel's point of view and it can be conscious or unconscious to the vessel. Consciousness is a fundamental essence in ensoulment, it permeates all realities in our known realm and dimensions. A vessel can be aware of the arising in and around its field or it can be unconscious to these arisings, therefore we have a total of four aspects to each vessel's perspective.

In the center of the diagram, a vessel exists in the full-empty-timeless -nowness. Vessel cannot grasp its nowness because it's the zero point infinitesimal /infinite, still/ fast moving inside the soul of the world. Only the primordial can grasp the soul of the world zero point now. Time and space are essences that inform the vessel orientation in relations to the soul of the world movement and the primordial all that is. A vessel is located in time and space and all its experiences happen within the soul of the world four quadrants. Vessel's experiences are either in the (1) forefront conscious, arising in the now of the vessel and the vessel is actively having an experience and is aware of its content. (2) background conscious experiences belong to the past of the vessel, the vessel is aware of what happened and can recall the content of such experiences (3) forefront unconscious experiences arise in the now of the vessel, when the vessel is actively having an experience and is unaware of its content, it has not yet developed sensory tools to recollect, articulate or express such details of its experience, this is why they are in the current forefront of the vessel perception of here and now, yet, unconscious. After a vessel had an experience, such experiences moves to its past without being aware of such experiences and they move to the (4) background unconscious, in relations to the vessel's now.