Ensoulment #02  

Ensoulment cosmology has its own language, vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. When you are called to design and articulate your own cosmology, your own world view, you may include subjects, objects, processes and principles informing that world view. As such ensoulment has its core characters, elements, principles and processes that together are able to articulate what is happening in such world view. Every person or collective has a unique life perspective and understanding about their reality, such perspective can be articulated in a cosmology using its unique language. The bee, the ant, the elephant, the mountain or a baby use a different language to communicate, to understand and to interact with its environment. The language that ensoulment uses to articulate its worldview and to communicate perspective are the symbols presented here including: vessel, sxp, soul of the world, reality, now, 12 essences, 5 realms, entrainment, emergence, toroidal becoming, influencers, nesting, perspective, sxp ripple trails, sxp cosmic dust, reality landscape, cosmic wave, reality fabric, sensorium, networking, life cycle, communication, aggregation, entrainment and gravitational pull.

These 25 elements and processes are fundamental and appear in all phenomena that arises throughout ensoulment cosmology. These elements are the words that weaves together the ensoulment poem, they repeat themselves in difference scales, dimensions and forms. When we create a cosmology, we are interested in the way things appear to be, in the ontology and phenomenology of such reality. Every phenomena that arises in the ensoulment reality is made of and is going through the same processes in different degrees and complexity. When we observe and experience such realities, we will eventually tunnel our experiences through these symbols. The symbols both represent and create the actual territory of our reality. Take for example the periodic table that displays the chemical elements in our known universe, such symbols are the basis of our physics, chemistry and scientific cosmology, these symbols are creative omens and influences the way we perceive and build our personal and collective structures, how we manage our lives, which eventually dictates how we experience life. Page 3 of 9 Articulating, subscribing and living one's cosmology has a great influence on our experience of life and reality.