Ensoulment #01  

Ensoulment I body of wisdom culminated in the realization that the entire world has one alive vital soul, "the soul of the world". What facilities the soul of the world's evolution and expansion are the different forms that the soul of the world takes in the shape of essences, souls, vessels and experiences. Through the ongoing emergence, peaking and dissolving of vessel's experiences in toroidal forms allow the sharing of experience all the way "up and down" the cosmic scale, that toroidal emerges follows a process similar to the Hopf Fibration unfolding. The main realms and aggregated areas of reality include the primordial, essential, soulful, vessel and experiential. In our current human earthly reality, we have 12 primary essences: light, darkness, mother, father, frequency, energy, love, consciousness, beauty, technology, space and time. Each vessel in the ensoulment model has a unique combination of original essences and a unique soul that records all of its evolutionary journeys in the form of particles of experience. Within the human earthly unique reality, there are 24 archetypal influencers on each moment by moment vessel's experience. These influencers are particular archetypal patterns within the soul of the world that imprint possible future arising and influence it. The unfolding of experience is not only influencing and being influenced by each other particle of experience, but is intertwined in a 3 dimensional form which weaves and enables the ongoing influence at all scales. Understanding particles of experience hold great potential for healing and transformation for each vessel. Every vessel, as it emanates particle of experience, creates a unique landscape inside and around its fields at all scales. Understanding the vessel's field guiding sxps in conscious direction accelerates growth and transformation. If you are interested in reading about how can ensoulment be used for healing and energy medicine, please read the following article: here.